08 August 2012

flowers i got

the flowers are ready to be photographed by my friend and flatemate jette

Anti-Stress Tee

20 Juli 2012

puh... it is done! soon, i will show you some more pictures from my final work »Leerlaufprozesse – Eine heitere Sammlung in Bildern«!

26 April 2012

13 März 2012


flamingo-power against rainy grey weather!


some weekends ago i had a funny get-together with anne, lydia, rosa, steffi and sandruschka in her kitchen drinking coffee, drawing and bringing bugs to life. (the cute little portrait of me was drawn by rosa)

02 März 2012

27 Februar 2012

26 Februar 2012


... last week in Halle (Saale) – Herr Fleischer e.V. shows a funny little »Spongebob«-exhibition in their kiosk at the Reileck.

17 Februar 2012

on > off

Habt ein schönes Wochenende!

10 Februar 2012

E I N – J A H R – N I C H T S

... und jetzt wieder etwas!